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The practice of hunting wild boar has been going on throughout the ages in as much of a subsistence manner as that of sport. In the United States, however, it is much less about subsistence and though a person might enjoy it as a sport it is reaching the point of necessity. The damages that individuals are enduring, both in rural and urban areas alike, has risen such that wild hogs have been cast into the national spotlight as the focus of recent shows like "Pig Bomb", "Hogs Gone Wild" and "American Hoggers".

Although these shows sensationalize and over dramatize the issue, it is still indicative of the overall level this problem has reached in these United States.

We, here at Boars of Texas, enjoy the sport but at the same time recognize the need for hunting these animals as a means of a population control method. Simply hunting wild hogs will not control the numbers in their entirety, but instead plays a part in the overall picture of a collective management practice. Any time one is taken out of circulation it staves off multiple generations that would have otherwise been produced via it or its future offspring.

Fortunately, the wild hog does possess one redeeming quality, it is extremely palatable and nutritious. Not only will you enjoy the hunt, but you will reap the benefits once you and your quarry have returned home.

Boars of Texas Guide Service offers three hunting styles for the taking of wild hogs - hunting with dogs, still hunting, hunting with night vision, or you can choose any combination thereof.

DISCLAIMER: There is an inherent risk with any type of hunting. Any time you mix humans, weapons and wild animals there is a potential for injury. We, here at Boars of Texas Guide Service, strive to provide the safest experience possible, but you are here on your own accord and hunt at your own risk. There is a zero tolerance for alcohol or illegal drug use and it will not be permitted. If you appear to be under the influence or become abusive to staff in any manner, then you will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

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