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Feral Hog Management


Whether you represent a State or Federal agency, or you are simply an individual with a nuisance issue, I am available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have on the topic. I am available, if needed, to travel to your location in order to give hands on pointers, assessments, or other management recommendations for your specific situation.

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Speaking Engagements

Are you wishing to have someone come talk to your group, class, organization, business, or association regarding Feral Hogs in your area. From general information to traps and trapping, exclusion techniques, hunting (aerial, still, night vision & thermals, or using dogs), economic impacts, reproduction and distribution, predation, habitat destruction, or the competition with native wildlife; contact us with the specifics and well see how we can tailor a presentation to your needs.

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Feral Hog Removal & Management

Are you tired of feral hogs rooting up your pastures, yards, golf courses, housing developments, parks, preserves, game ranches, or crops? Do you need hands on assistance with the issue? We offer customized packages with your unique set of circumstances in mind; anything from exclusion systems and aversive techniques to removal through trapping or hunting (aerial, still, night vision, or using dogs).

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Trap Rentals

For the do-it-yourselfer we have added trap rentals to our services. Instead of having to go out, find, purchase, and maintain your own traps you can rent one from us. Use them to reduce the number of wild hogs on your property, stock the freezer, or simply to add that extra ingredient to your deer sausage this year.

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Rates for Portable Trap Rentals
4 x 8 Traps
$50.00 per month
6 x 20 Traps
$200.00 per month
*Deposits are required and delivery is available*

About the Owner

Matthew Renner has been a resource to the USDA, assisted with Texas A&M Graduate Studies regarding the Feral Hogs impact on E. coli in watersheds, outlined wild hog hunting techniques for Chasing Shakespeares, a novel written by New York Times Bestselling Author Sarah Smith, given talks on Feral Hog Management in a variety of venues from the college setting to wildlife organizations, written and published articles involving the subject, worked with various corporations on a variety of wildlife control issues, and is a resource to numerous farmers, ranchers, and hunters alike. He is currently involved with the Burleson County Wildlife Association, as one of its Directors, and holds a seat on the Board. Matthew has been personally hunting and trapping feral hogs, as well as educating the public on control issues, since 1993 and has been an avid outdoorsman for longer than that. Whether its consultation, trap rentals or design, speaking engagements, wildlife management issues, or hands on assistance anywhere in the United States or elsewhere, feel free to contact Matthew by email at or by phone at 979.255.0489.

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